140 William St L2+3 Office Refurbishment | Project Planning, EOT Assessments

140 William Street, L2 & 3 comprised two separable portions in sequential order. Separable Portion 1 involved the refurbishment of a section on L2 followed by a period of decanting into the newly refurbished areas. Thereafter, Separable Portion 2 was for the refurbishment of the remaining of L2 & L3. The refurbishment works include demolition, installation of stud walls, glazing, services, finishes and fitting.

Our Role

 Successful Projects was engaged by Department of Finance to prepare an indicative tender program in 2020. Following the progression of construction, Successful Projects was engaged to further assist the Client with assessments of the Contractor’s progress programs. We assessed the evidence of the delay and the impact on the critical path of the program.  This enabled the Client to make an informed decision on the claim.