Quality Policy

our commitment to quality

Quality Management System

Successful Projects  is committed to delivering services by our Quality Management System .

  • The Quality Management System is planned, implemented, reviewed and approved in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 standards
  • Quality is accepted as the responsibility of all employees
  • The Team is trained in order to deliver quality services consistent with the quality objectives
  • Processes are in place to ensure the consistent collection and analysis of quality data and information
  • Processes are continuously checked to ensure the ongoing suitable and effectiveness and to identify areas of improvement

Our quality objective is to exceed our Client’s expectations by delivering excellence in our service delivery, in the agreed timeframe.

This policy is basic to the Successful Projects plan for its operation , and all employees at all levels are encouraged to share in the responsibility for achieving this outcome.

As part of each employee’s induction, a copy of this policy is provided, together with the training necessary to ensure that the company’s objectives and targets are achieved.


Quality and the performance of the Quality Framework at Successful projects is measured, monitored and reported through the reporting and analysis of the Quality Objectives.
The Quality Objectives are desired outcomes which have been identified as important to Successful projects in the delivery of quality services. The Quality Objectives and their corresponding Key Performance Indicators are identified and described in the Quality Framework. The Quality Objectives are established and monitored by Management


Successful Projects has adopted the Continuous Improvement Cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act to inform the Quality Framework.  The Quality Framework at the Company consists of the following elements:

Quality Control

Processes which ensure services are of suitable standard.

Quality Assurance

Processes which ensure services are being completed or delivered in a consistent and correct manner.

Continuous Improvement

Processes to ensure services are constantly being checked to ensure the ongoing suitable and effectiveness and to identify areas of improvement