Bellevue Railcar and High Voltage Test Facility | Site Progress Updates

The Bellevue Railcar Facility and HV Test Facility ($46M) is a multi-functional rail assembly and maintenance facility, as well as a secondary high-voltage testing building. The new facility is part of the wider contract the McGowan Government signed to have Western Australia’s new METRONET railcars built locally.

The facilities include a 180m-long building with a railcar assembly area, offices, workshops and storage areas, two overhead cranes able to lift 25 tonne each, and a heavy maintenance railroad with a crane capable of lifting 10 tonne.

Our Role

Successful Projects were engaged by the Contractor to perform weekly site updates and reporting. Each update consisted of progress updates and reporting to a contract program and target program of the site works. We provide value for the Contractor to potentially implement new methods and approaches for programming and forecasting for the subcontractor works.