Bob Hawke College Stage 1 – Time Planning

Bob Hawke College (Stage 1 $70M) is a new high school that is purposefully built to relieve the stress of school student enrollments at surrounding high schools. Students at Bob Hawke College will enjoy modern specialist facilities equipped with innovative new technology, including a sports hall and gymnasium, lecture theatres and library as well as science, digital technology, food and textiles labs.

Our Role

The Dept of Finance (Building Management and Works) engaged Successful Projects to undertake a Contractor Program Review prior to acceptance, monitoring site progress providing fortnightly updates, forecasting advice and updated construction programs to ensure that construction delivery will be completed on time.

Successful Projects performed fortnightly updates, assessing status of the works on site, providing dashboard reports, progress reports, critical path analysis, and 4 week look ahead, assessing delays, opportunities and risks.

An integral part of reporting included proactively using Earnt Value Measurement to measure consistent progress of on site works at each period. This method is an alternative to measure progress if in any case the construction program resourcing is not accurate.

We provided assistance and advice during the construction process. The Bob Hawke College (aka Inner City College) completed within 18 months and opened on 3 Feb, 2020 as promised by Mark McGowan government.