Bob Hawke College Stage1 is a state-of-the-art college with world class facilities and cutting edge technology. It opened as planned on February 3, 2020.  The first stage of building include general classrooms; specialist workshops, laboratories and studios for science, technology, engineering, design and food courses; health and physical education learning areas; student services; a library resource centre; a lecture theatre; and a cafeteria with terraced dining area. Internal courtyards and playing courts will enhance the campus.

Successful Projects was the preferred Time Planner for the Principal for our detailed planning approach and expertise  in construction. 


Our time planning services assist in providing validation of the works at each reporting period. It has also provided both the client and the contractor solutions to near future obstacles and challenges that was presented on site. An example is providing the next closest critical path and a recommendation of starting that path of works earlier than expected as it has a risk of causing delays in the next “4-6 weeks”. This forecast method has benefited the client and the contractor on multiple occasions and future delays were possibly recovered through this.

 With our planning we;

  • Outlined accurate updating for each fortnightly period.
  • Provided comprehensive progress reporting on outcomes, risks, opportunities, look aheads and future forecasting.
  • Implemented Earnt Value Measurement proactively in the program to provide accurate progress updating and forecasting.
  • Provided risk analysis and solutions for future work that could pose a risk to delays on site.