Construction Claims

construction-claimSuccessful Projects’ Claims consultants provide expert advice on Extension of Time (EOT) Claims, prepare Delay Claims and Counter Claims, prepare Expert Reports and act as Expert Witness.

We are often engaged by Contractors to assist in planning and monitoring the construction works and assist with entitlements to claims when necessary. We determine the method of analysis to present the claim, prepare the extension of time claim and the associated claims for prolongation costs, disruption claims and acceleration claims.

We are also engaged by the Principal to provide support to Project Superintendents for the review and assessment of Contractor programmes against contractual requirements. We review the extension of time claim, determine the method of analysis to review the claim, perform delay analysis, prepare counterclaim, prepare expert witness report and also act as expert witness.

Our point of difference to other service providers is our indepth level of knowledge and expertise in commercial and contract frameworks as well as indepth level of expertise in forensic claims analysis and the knowledge of the dispute resolution procedure in construction.

Based in Perth, we assist clients throughout Australia including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional locations.

Successful Projects can assist with your Construction Claim.

1. Construction Claim Identification

  • Scope Changes
  • Schedule Delay and Disruption
  • Investigate cause of project delay
  • Identify Factors causing delay in construction projects
  • Assess Delay Claims
  • Construction Productivity Loss
  • Construction Means and Methods
  • Unforeseen and Differing Site Conditions
  • Assessment of Force Majeure Events
  • Constructive and Directed Change
  • Construction Acceleration

2. Schedule Delay Analysis

  • Construction Delay Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Critical Path analysis
  • Minimise LD’s or Liquidated Damages
  • Provide Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Delay Analysis Report
  • Quantify the Cost of Delay

3. Construction EOT Claim Preparation

  • Extension of Time Claim preparation
  • Extension of Time Claim letter
  • Prepare Expert Witness Report
  • Construction Dispute Resolution / Adjudication
  • Act as Expert witness in construction

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