‘Horizon 1’ Growth Program will expand its North Pilbara development model to produce at a rate of 12Mtpa by December 2013, targeting 15Mtpa in 2015 to fully use Atlas’ 15Mtpa Utah Point allocation (contractually available from September 2015).


The ‘Horizon 1’ Growth Program encompasses several mine and infrastructure developments, including;


  • Expansion of the existing Wodgina DSO Mine
  • Development of the Mt Dove & Abydos mine as two standalone DSO projects
  • Development of the Mt Webber mine
  • Development of an off-highway private haul road network to support Wodgina and Mt Webber production
  • Further development of Utah Point port facilities to realise Atlas’ 15Mtpa port allocation
  • The Horizon 1 growth program is underway and remains the Client’s highest priority.


Successful Projects have worked with and prepared detailed project schedules for the approvals teams across all Horizon 1 projects, providing individual schedules for each project and a master schedule across the project suite providing management with visibility of the coordination required to ensure timely delivery of approvals and analysis of potential bottlenecks and resourcing requirements throughout this stage of these projects.

Further, Successful Projects have worked with the exploration teams to schedule Hydrogeology and Geotechnical drilling works, testing and approvals across the Horizon 1 programme.


Abydos Mine Development

Located 130km south of Port Hedland, Abydos is expected to be the fourth mining operation for the Client after Pardoo, Wodgina and Mount Dove. The Client has completed a feasibility study for a DSO operation at Abydos, with Trigg as the first deposit to be mined.

Construction of the Abydos mine commenced in May 2012. First production and associated haulage to port is anticipated from April 2013 at a rate of 2-3Mtpa.

Successful projects worked with the ECI team to prepare fully costed schedules in Primavera P6 for the haul road options and have been assisting with the delivery of the preferred Abydos haul road option.


Mt Webber Mine Development

At Mt Webber, 150km south-southeast of Port Hedland, a 6Mtpa capacity mine is being developed straddling the outcropping DSO deposits of Ibanez, Fender, Gibson and Daltons. Daltons is wholly owned by the Client while the Ibanez, Fender and Gibson deposits are located on tenement that is owned in a 70:30 joint venture.

The Client has now defined indicated and inferred resources over the Ibanez, Fender, Gibson and Daltons deposits. The first DSO ore reserves for the Mt Webber project were announced to the market in August 2011.

The Mount Webber project will be developed to reach a 6Mtpa production rate using the Client’s standard mine model.

Successful Projects have assisted with the scheduling of delivery of the Mount Webber Mine Development and have provided further scheduling, input and analysis of opportunities with adoption of the Client’s standard mine model.

Horizon 1