Kalamunda Hospital Palliative | Project Planning

The Kalamunda Hospital Palliative Care Unit project was for the creation and refresh of the day hospice, therapy rooms, waiting rooms, upgraded inpatient units, bariatric patient amenities, family room and outdoor spaces. The project required bespoke cabinetry, services modification, creation of new entrances, and modern finishes.

Our Role

Successful Projects provided project planning services from the early stages of design up to completion of construction. Our involvement include the whole of project planning, outlining staging requirements, program reviews and progress tracking.

We worked closely amongst all stakeholders and consultants to develop time plans outlining each phase of the project. We provided scenario time plans to assist the client in making key decisions.

The project was carried out over the COVID-19 outbreak which has an impact on trades and materials. This was combined with the high-risk site location (being a hospital) with health protocols in place.  The project team restaged the works due to unforeseen delays to maintain the contractual timeframes.

We continued to provide planning support to the Department of Finance team throughout the life of the project. Practical Completion was achieved in December 2022 within the project contingency duration.