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Comprehensive 1-day or 2-day project management training courses in Canberra are designed to help you master the software and use it effectively for any type of project.

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Microsoft Project Management Courses Canberra

Our project management courses in Canberra are designed to give you a thorough understanding of Microsoft Projects. We offer comprehensive training courses that teach you everything you need to know about Microsoft Project, from the basics to more advanced features. We offer four different types of project management courses, each with its own benefits. The courses are designed to help you master the features of Microsoft Project and learn how to effectively use the tool in your projects. Whether you prefer an online or onsite course in Canberra, Successful Projects has a course that’s right for you. With quality instruction and a commitment to your success, you’ll be able to confidently use Microsoft Project in your projects.


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Master the core skills required for professional project management and best practices in using Microsoft Project effectively


Advanced strategies in Microsoft Project for boosting productivity, results, and analysis capability


Corporate In-house/ on-site workshops for groups of 8+ are available in Melbourne.

Online Video

Can’t make it to the classroom? Get our Microsoft Project Online Training Course


Core skills for developing project schedules and using Microsoft Project effectively


Advanced strategies to boost your productivity, results and analysis capability with Microsoft Project


Corporate in-house/ onsite workshops are available for groups of 6+

Online Video

Can’t make it to the classroom? Get our Microsoft Project Online Training Course
Can’t make it to the classroom? Get our Microsoft Project Online Training Course

Microsoft Project Classes Available

  1. Internet access
  2. Computer with Microsoft Project installed
  3. Second Monitor with Speakers and Microphone

    Interactive Session. Questions can be asked during the training

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Work with a real life project that includes Scoping (Tasks), Resourcing and Costing

Canberra 1-Day Microsoft Project Management Comprehensive Course

Comprehensive Project Management
Training Courses in Canberra

Is this the right MS Project management training course for me?

The Canberra 1-Day Microsoft Project Comprehensive Course will teach you how to use this MS Project effectively to manage your projects. The course is designed for beginners, so it is perfect for those who are new to using Microsoft Project. With this training, you will have the skills you need to successfully plan and execute your projects. The comprehensive course covers all the core skills you need to get started, including how to create and manage tasks, resources, and timelines. You will also learn how to track progress and monitor critical project milestones. By the end of the course, you will be able to use Microsoft Project confidently to manage your projects.

How to Navigate around Microsoft Project

  • An overview of how Microsoft Project is structured and organised.
    • Broaden your understanding of the various areas in the software and how the areas relate to each other; increase fluency and confidence with the software.

Detailed Planning Approach

  • Develop a project program that includes Scoping (Tasks) and Resourcing of a real-life project. We have designed a project schedule that follows a logical and effective planning approach to account for all the various aspects you may encounter when developing your programme schedules.
    • The aim is to demonstrate the approach to Scoping / Resourcing / Costing your project.

Analysing and communicating your plan

  • Build on the schedule developed in module 2 to demonstrate how the to use filtering, grouping and reports to review the schedule and communicate project requirements to their team.
  • Learn how to communicate your plan clearly to clients, the team and management.
    • Identify who does what and when
  • Prepare reports including Milestone reports, Lookaheard reports, Cashflow reports, Summary level reports.

Resourcing the Program

  • Assign work and materials to the project to develop a fully resourced schedule. This will outline the manning and material requirements of the project.
  • Learn how to manage your resources optimally. Identify exactly where resources are over-allocated and how to resolve resource allocation issues.

The Project Critical Path

  • We identify the project Critical Path, explain the relevance and how to use it to better manage your project.

Planning Analysis

  • We further develop detail / new sections in the plan to refresh the approach. We take a look at Project look a-heads; Who does what and when; Manning levels and Program analysis.

How to Track Progress accurately

  • We demonstrate correct Tracking techniques for recording actual progress. This will keep the program accurate and relevant and relevant.
  • Setup for Tracking – we demonstrate how to set up and track progress accurately;
  • Tracking actual scenarios. We use the existing schedule to record progress based on changing scenarios.


  • Prepare a calendar and assignment to the project. This exercise is to familiarise the participants with how the calendar works and how it is applied to the project.

Formatting and Printing

  • We format and prepare the plan for printing, insert company logos, setup project information in your header and footer. We produce a standard template to presenting project information.

Build own Project Schedules

  • Build your own project using the skills and procedures taught. Gain assistance and develop a functional project program for your current project.
  • This time your opportunity to apply their new knowledge to start / or improve their project plans. Gain answers from the trainer to address specific issues and questions.
I’ll show you the Effective Way to Use Microsoft Project to Plan and Track your Projects, Improve Business Processes and Achieve Great Project Outcomes
Brett Anderson

Project Management Professional, Trainer, Director - Successful Projects

Canberra 2-Day Microsoft Project Management Course

Comprehensive + Extension

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of project management experience behind you, taking project management courses in Canberra is an excellent way to stay on top of your game and ensure that every project you manage is a success. Having a thorough understanding of how to use Microsoft Project is crucial for anyone looking to manage projects successfully. This two-day MS Project Canberra course will give you the headstart to get the most out of Microsoft Project. This 2-day course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to use Microsoft Project. The course begins with an overview of the software, covering the basics of how to create and manage projects. It then moves on to an Extension Course which covers more advanced topics. By the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice on real-world projects.

Includes 1-Day Microsoft Project Management Comprehensive course PLUS

Complete own Project Schedules

  • Re-examine your Project programs in detail, and get additional help to finalise them. Update, test and optimise your project plan.

Program Checklist

  • Learn when your Project program is ready to be put into action. During this time, we lay out the strategy to make it easy to work on the plan and demonstrate how to conduct our Integrity check to thoroughly review the plan for completeness..
    • Our approach will provide you with the confidence to lock in and commence the execution of your project plan.

How to structure more Complex Programs for Reporting

  • For complex projects such as Contract schedules, which require more detail and accuracy, we provide a recommended outline and structure to detail your program.
  • Learn how to keep a detailed project program simple and easy to read and communicate to others.
  • How to report your project progress including Earned Value, Manning Histograms and Percent Complete. Identify and report schedule slippage.

How to customise Microsoft Project to suit your specific purpose

  • We’ll show you how customise fields in Microsoft Project to tailor the program towards your business. For example,
    • How to incorporate Company Assets into the project schedule or;
    • How to produce Costed schedules for Quotation purposes; or
    • Create your own Filters to Improve your Productivity and gain more Fluency with the software.

Good modelling techniques

  • Learn how to model tasks with long duration to keep it easy to track and monitor progress.

Manage and Analyse Multiple Projects

  • We incorporate your entire knowledge of building project plans and insert multiple projects into one Master Project. In this way, we can Analyse and Manage Multiple Projects across your organisation, create a combined resource pool and review your total projects requirements or whole of business requirements.
  • Analyse your projects. Identify any Project Constraints, Resource Quantities, Task and Resource Costs, Project Work requirements and man-hours.

Advanced Calendars

  • Prepare more complex calendars and assign to the project. This exercise will demonstrate the strategies in creating complex calendars for Rosters, FIFO Night Shifts, Shutdowns, 24hrs.This knowledge will assist to manage individual issues you may encounter with your projects.

Tracking Refresher

  • Tracking is a very important function for keeping your project up to date and relevant at all times. We revisit the process taught the previous day to ensure we lock in the correct tracking process. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate recording Variations, Changes and Delays in your project and how to substantiate the impact of Changes and Delays to the project.
    • This module is particularly important to demonstrate Delays and EOTs (Extensions of Time).

Get Professional Advice From A Project Expert

Project professional, Brett Anderson, bases his teaching off real project experience where he works for Contractors Preparing contract programmes, Tracking progress and Preparing extension of time claims (EOTs). He also works for major Clients Reviewing and approving programmes and Assessing extension of time claims. He takes pride on being able to respond to queries with practical examples that he has come across.
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Microsoft Project

Comprehensive Project Management Courses Perth

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Microsoft Project

Comprehensive & Extension Project Management Courses Perth

Perth Classroom & Live Virtual

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We offer In-house & Onsite Training for:

  • Microsoft Project Comprehensive Course
  • Microsoft Project Extension course
  • Regional WA - Groups of 8+
  • Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin - Groups of 8+

  • Self Paced Microsoft Project Training Videos to help you master project management in no time
  • Step-by-Step Training for over 5 hours
  • Complete set of Manuals with Screenshots and Illustrations
  • Advanced Approach and Strategies in Tracking and Updating Projects
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Project to create robust, successful project program
  • Team of experts to assist and support you
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