The tender stage of this project included design, procurement and construction of three iron ore processing plants. Working with the design, procurement and estimation team to prepare a detailed project schedule to demonstrate our client’s ability to successfully deliver the project in the timeframe available.

Successful Projects were engaged to prepare a detailed, fully resourced, fully costed project schedule including:


  • All design activities
  • Procurement of tagged equipment
  • Fabrication assembly
  • Shipping and delivery of plant modules to site
  • Site based civil works
  • Construction
  • Module installation and commissioning.

The schedule was requirement to be robust, to clearly identify the project critical path to capture all project logic and to support the project construction methodology.

The schedule was fully costed and fully resourced to allow analysis of resourcing constraints and accommodation requirements. The schedule was then further optimized to smooth resource peaks and reduce construction risk. The schedule was used to perform what-if analysis of the impact of changes to procurement and shipping and analysis of project risks and opportunities for reducing the project timeline.

The schedule was reviewed utilizing proprietary software, to provide an overall schedule health check, based on schedule logic, lags & leads in order to ascertain results and to provide further analysis.