Novelli Pavilion | Project Manager | Project Superintendent

The Novelli Pavilion is a multi-purpose community facility enhancing the ability of community sporting groups to utilise the sporting open space and provide internal community space for uses such as play group, social clubs, community meetings and casual bookings. The Pavilion caters up to five predominant user groups. The scope of the project includes the construction of a club house/community facility and associated external works.

Our Role

Successful Projects were appointed by the City of Armadale as Project Manager and Project Superintendent to deliver this major community project. We assisted with the finalisation of project documentation, prepared the contract requirements for the procurement model (GMP and shared savings) and worked with the preferred contractor and the client to value engineer the project.

We superintended the works from award of contract through to practical completion including the current defects liability period. We successfully fulfilled the role to ensure the project was delivered in accordance with the contract. We administered the Contract including assessment of EOT claims, variation claims and certification of payments.

The main challenge during this project was maintaining to program due to the impact of COVID-19. The Contractor implemented polices to manage the trades on site by daily health checks and maintaining the required mandated distancing. Specified products were also alternated to source from local supplies to prevent delay to the project due to impact of supply globally.

Our approach provided a non-adversarial relationship with the Contractor, both aligning the Contractor with the Principal and proactively resolving project design issues and variations which were closed out in a timely and efficient manner. We have delivered the project within the client’s budget and to the program whilst guaranteeing the maximum price and providing the opportunity to achieve project savings.