Program Review

Successful Projects provides Construction Program Reviews for Integrity, Accuracy and Performance.

For the PRINCIPAL this is instrumental for construction risk management. We draw on our expertise and experience with preparing contractor programs to identify needless complication with activity linking that if left unchanged will cause issues with evaluating the impact of schedule changes; to advise if float is absorbed into activity durations transferring construction risk to the client; to identify potential issues with monitoring progress and steps to be taken to resolve this.

For the CONTRACTOR  we draw on our expertise and experience with contract administration to review an internally prepared program for completeness to eliminate errors; for structure so as to track variations; for the critical path and for reporting requirements


Schedule Diagnostic Checks

  • Task Logic
  • Project Critical Path
  • Project Constraints
  • Schedule Detail
  • Lags
  • Leads (Negative Lag)
  • Merge Hotspots
  • Schedule Calendar/s
  • Office Calendar
  • Site Calendar
  • Standard Calendar
  • Task Type
  • Resource Assignments
  • Resource Leveling
  • Project Baseline