Project Superintendent Service

Project Superintendent Service

Successful Projects has extensive experience in managing and successfully delivering projects in Health, Construction and for Local, State and Federal Government agencies. We provide Project Superintendent services during the preparation of Contract Documentation, delivery of the project, Practical Completion, Defects Liability Period and Final Completion.
As Superintendent, we are an Independent Certifier and Agent for the Principal. We act fairly and honestly, without delay, and with care.

Our Superintendent services at Contract Documentation Stage

It’s important to align the form of contract and the wording of the contract with the requirements of the project and the Principal. We use our experience to recommend the form of contract and amendments.

  • Preparation and review of tender and contract documentation;
  • Assist with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contracts, AS2124, AS4000, AS4300, AS4196
  • Tender management
  • Tender evaluation and provide recommendations
  • Assist with Contract negotiations

On award of the Construction Contract, we are intensely involved within the first 30 days of Contract Award, the ongoing management requirement through delivery, Practical Completion and final completion (Defects Liability).

    Project Delivery phase:

    On award of the Construction Contract, we understand the gravity of the required steps and approvals of the first 30 days from award of Contract for the overall success of the project.
    As Agent for Principal

    • Perform crucial duties of the Superintendent within the ‘First 30 days‘.  These include the checking of security, insurances, site possession, management plans, permits, surveys, OHS, formal contract execution.
    • Review construction program to tender preliminaries specifications
    • Assess the reliability and integrity of the program prior to approval
    • Approval of Sub-Contractors
    • Assess the quality of materials and workmanship to ensure they meet contract specifications
    • Direct the contractors and employees on behalf of the Principal
    • Issue Superintendent instructions and directions
    • Issue variation orders where necessary.

    As a Certifier

    • Progress
      • Valuing work and assess progress claims
      • Issue progress certificates
    • Assess extensions of time (EOT) claims to
      • determine entitlement under the Contract
      • assess impact against program
      • review of the amended construction program
    • Variations
      • Process and advise on contract variations;
      • Valuing variations independent to Principal and Contractor
    • Resolve disputes

    Practical Completion

    The process for achieving Practical Completion and the requirements of Practical Completion ensures the Principal is able to take full use of their facility from the date of Practical Completion

    • Establish a clear process for Practical Completion
    • Review Commissioning Plan and Program
    • Review draft and final O&M Manuals, As-Built documentation and Warranties
    • Defects Inspection and Close-out
    • Practical Completion Inspection and Certification;

    Defects Liability Period

    The effective identification, management and close out of defects through the Defect Liability Period enhances the Principal and users’ experience of their facility.

    • Establish a Defects Management Plan and System
    • Schedule timely completion of all outstanding defects
    • Review and confirm closure of all defects with the main contractor
    • Defects Inspection and Close-out
    • Final Completion Certification.

    The combination of the expertise of our team, our diverse project knowledge and experience, and our excellent systems is confirmed by our client references. These can be supplied on request.

    Project Superintendent

    Project Superintendent