Resource Management

At Successful Projects we leverage on our existing tools to manage Resources effectively.

Our project resource management services include analysis of schedule resourcing to identifying over-allocation and under-utilisation, adjusting the schedule to optimise resource utilisation rates. We adjust resourcing to prepare what-if schedules, to meet accommodation constrains, to suit changed priorities.

We prepare management reports for Planned work vs Actual work > by resource, by work-front, by category (site instructions and variations).

We provide supporting information to manage resources effectively.

  • Determine the Resource Usage and Manning levels for the project.
  • Identify any Resource constraints or Conflicts in the allocation of Resources.
  • Balance the Workload between Over allocated resources and Under employed resources.
  • Scope the maximum levels of Work Effort for the limited capacity in Accommodation.
  • Identify Workfront conflicts which may result in Health & Safety issues.
  • Produce Resource Costings for the project

Successful Projects can provide fully resourced project schedules for effective Resource Management. We capture resource items such as work, manning, equipment and capital items, as well as overhead costs.

Effective Resource Management

Planning and organising teams of people.

Outputs of a fully resourced project schedule include, which resources are required on the project when they are required, how many of each type of resource is required. This provides the information on manning levels and resource usage. It also provides a good oversight for planning and organising teams of people at various stages throughout the project.

Identify Resource Constraints

A fully resourced project schedule will identify where resources are constrained through overallocation. This identifies opportunity to either reschedule works or to allocate more resources to this area of work.

Balancing workload

A resourced project schedule can identify where resources are almost at full capacity and where resources are under-employed. This allows you to redeploy work to those who are under utilised. This efficient method of workload balancing enables you to fully utilise the resources at hand.

Accommodation requirements

Project constraints can include limits to Accommodation. This imposes a limit to the available man-hours on-site. Successful Projects assists with maximising the work effort based on constraints to project resourcing and analysing the impact to project schedule.

Equipment requirements

Capital items and equipment can be monitored to ensure efficient utilisation of the item and to manage out equipment constraints. This information is also utilised to understand work front clashes before they occur and to manage them out. We often deal with issues with over allocation of cranes and clashes between work areas and lifting activities that would normally result in lost time.

Workfront Conflicts

A detailed project schedule can provide a greater level of analysis for improving safety for the workers. It can assist in identifying Workfront Conflicts where there is a potential for clash between different types of work. By identifying conflicts upfront and rescheduling works, it will achieve a better safety outcome and improve the Health & Safety of the workers.

Resource Costs

A resourced project schedule can provide an estimated budget forecast and cashflow for the project which can be checked against the budgeted expectations. A fully costed schedule will assist with making progress claims and ensure cashflow requirements are met.