How can Microsoft Project help with Resource Planning?

Have you ever booked a tradesman for a job at the same time as another?

Or do you know if staff are available when you want them?

MS Project makes it easy for you to allocate work to staff without worrying if they have already been booked.

The best approach to take is to assign people to tasks as you work down your tasklist and allocate the resources required for each task, not considering if that resource is already allocated elsewhere in your program. The resourcing functionality in MS Project will identify whether you have resource overallocation issues or not.

Once you assign all your resources to the tasks, a Red man may appear in your schedule. Take a look at your Resource Sheet and ascertain which resources are overallocated.redman You could first check if all your tasks have been linked in the correct logic. Then you could use the Levelling function in MS Project to provide you with one possible solution to the resource overallocation.

resource planning

The Levelling function is simply the moving or delaying of tasks to eliminate the resource overallocation. However, you have the option to assign other resources or find another solution.

You will learn a single and effective approach to assigning resources to tasks and how to effectively use the software to resolve resource overallocation. Check out our next MS Project Training course.