A major Gold producer engaged Successful Projects to assist with shutdown planning and the Key deliverables included detailed Microsoft Project schedules for pre-shut, Shut and Post Shutdown Planning.

Successful Projects developed detailed Microsoft Project schedules tailored to suit the Client’s approach to shutdown management and associated templates and views to streamline planning, management and tracking of progress.  Successful Projects was involved in detailing the steps, timelines and labour force requirements for the efficient completion of the shut-down works and to minimise plant downtime. The approach was to identify issues with resourcing before they happen, to identify clashes between work fronts before the shutdown commences and resolve then and to identify which tasks are critical (determining the end of the shut).

With improved planning, we:

  • Streamlined the selection, skills confirmation and induction of shut-down contractors
  • Better planned the resourcing to ensure we were able to schedule more works into each shutdown period and/or reduce the shutdown duration
  • Reduced unplanned delays and downtime
  • Improved safety outcomes
  • Improved scheduling and procurement of long lead items
  • Produced planned shutdown man hours reports which detailed the planned man hour costs
  • Identified permit times and provided information for their review
  • Developed shift change reports by team leader and work front
  • Developed progress reports for shift handovers
  • Produced man hour variance reports – Planned work vs. Actual work performed
  • Produced off hire reports to minimise costs


Barrick Gold