South32 Worsley Alumina Refinery Upgrade | Project Planning

South32 Worsley Alumina is one of the largest bauxite mining and alumina refining operations in the world.  Bauxite mining takes place near Boddington, 130km South-East of Perth.  The bauxite is transported 51km by overland conveyor to South32’s Worsley Alumina refinery, 15km North-West of Collie, where the red rock is turned into white alumina powder. The alumina is then railed 55km to the Bunbury Port for export to aluminium smelters worldwide.

This project was requested to upgrade an aging facility to a new facility to rectify legacy issues. This situation has been rectified to sustain a safe operation and production environment.

Our Role

Successful Projects were selected to develop project schedule and progress tracking on a Brownfield upgrade. The Project required program development of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping & Electrical works. This involved Successful Projects building and developing a summary schedule.

This schedule provided the ability for Successful Projects to oversee and monitor the overall project progress internally and provide updates to the South 32 Worsley Alumina project team and the management group via weekly project meetings, project progress reports, contractor progress validation and the development of forecast plans.

Additionally, Successful Projects delivered a detailed project schedule for all disciplines of the SMPE build, installation, commissioning, and handover.

This program of work was delivered on time and the client was very complimentary of Successful Projects’ role in this program of work.