WA Museum – Transition to Operations | Project Planning

The WA Museum project was a total retransformation from an existing museum to a complete new home for the Western Australian Museum’s impressive collection. The existing 400m2 museum consisted of heritage buildings that had a variety of issues, mainly accessibility issues. The museum has been transformed and redesigned so that the public can view the different parts of the museum in snippets, rather than having to experience the whole museum at once. The new museum now has 1000m2 of temporary exhibition gallery, with 400m2 of this being the old museum, giving the space and technical capacity to present special travelling exhibitions from around the world.

Our Role

Successful Projects were engaged by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) as time planners to assist the Transition Team at the WA Museum transition from a new base build to full operations in less than 5 months. This included full setup of the exhibitions, digital platforms, programmes, café, retail shops, venue management, marketing, ICT, Audio visuals, security, building management services, staff recruitment, and the list goes on.

Successful Projects is proud to be a part of the WA Museum Transition team to successfully achieve grand opening date on 21 November 2020.