The Australian commercial energy development sector is continuously looking for more resources onshore and offshore. In 2012 a major commercial energy resource provider envisioned a project in the north of Western Australia on the LNG deposits. In 2012 the project’s phase-1 of site preparation activities initiated.

Successful Projects was engaged with one of the major subcontractors to assist them in the development of Time Impact claims for the Project. The project suffered a lot of minor and major changes as the engineer team further identified the soil conditions to bear loads of the developments. The variations that occurred in the project were in multiples of hundreds, and our role was to evaluate all of them for their impact on the project’s time and cost.

Successful Projects used their expert skills and past experiences to resolve this issue of extensive correspondence analysis and contract reviews. A system of filters was developed to pass through the variations to quickly verify the impact of changes for time. The major and minor impacts were re-grouped, then the scenarios were presented to the higher managements and upon their agreement process further with the select groups.

The tools used for this case were PERT analysis, CPM analysis, PRIMAVERA p6 Scheduling, What if / Monte Carlo simulations, MS Excel and PMI’s resources of time management.

Within a month Successful Projects was able to submit the first submission to the client with the claims in time and cost. The entitlement reviews will then be prepared on the findings.