Yandin Windfarm – Planning and Tracking – EOT Claims

Yandin Windfarm is a 214MW wind farm being built near the town of Dandaragan, approximately 175km to the north of Perth. It comprises of 51 turbines, each with a capacity of 4.2MW. This is WA’s largest wind project. For the installation of Wind Turbines two main assembly cranes LG1750 (450T), one pre-assembly crane LTM1750 and one unloading crane, was utilized. The wind turbine component’s namely nacelle, foundation, mast sections, blade and hub were provided by VESTAS. In order, to sustain the impact of these heavy sections and large cranes, compacted hardstands were made by the contractor, furthermore, concrete foundations were constructed to mount and bolt the mast sections for each Turbine. The installation process of 51 Turbines were divided into 2 groups, carried out by two main cranes.

Our Role

Successful Projects were engaged by Windhoist to develop a detailed construction program, track and update the project’s progress and provide management reporting such as weekly look aheads, remaining activities report and weekly management dashboard report.

The project faced multiple challenges including High Winds, making it difficult to operate cranes for installing and offloading activities, Lightning Events, Delivery of large equipment, Safety initiatives and adjustments. (SVMS) and COVID 19 Restrictions. By developing and updating a robust program, we demonstrated delays and were awarded extensions of time claims. We maintained an accurate Critical Path throughout the project and highlighted delays with the relative reasoning.

Successful Projects remained close to the project and the project managers. We submitted weekly progress reports and educated our client with regards to program and understanding the risks pertaining in the project.

Successful Projects proactively advised the contractor and the client on a regular basis with opportunities and improvements. We were involved to the finalisation stages of the project. After 1 year of construction Yandin Windfram was operational in July 2020